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 “As the product lead for qmsWrapper’s new Forms and Form Editor feature, I’m happy to say that we’ve completed the beta testing process. If you’re a qmsWrapper user, you could start using this helpful feature since last week!” – George Tailor

Finally, a Form Editor! After Process Editor, we were anxiously waiting for a Form Editor to arrive. -user feedback

The Process Editor is so handy that today it’s already a must-have but now is so the Form Editor.

In a collaborative environment, it is clear that a company might need forms countless times during a project’s lifecycle. Forms help define function and capture project data in a repeatable, reproducible manner adapting to an endless variety of different tasks or issues for every project need.

qmsWrapper’s new Forms and Form Editor feature gives the flexibility to streamline your Quality Management efforts and choose from 100+ ready-made templates that meet the ISO 13485 requirements or build and customize the UNLIMITED number of FORMS with a flexible drag &drop to satisfy any specific need.
Let it be process controls, timesheets, inspection checklists, registers, etc. It’s easy to enter data forms and keep clear records.

Let’s take a look at some attributions/virtues and cases where you might find them especially useful:

1. Form Templates (coming soon)

Form templates, that are calibrated against nationally traceable standards can help avoid QMS form design mistakes. By using custom forms that are already included and meet the ISO 13485 requirement, you can speed up your QMS learning curve:

  • Hundreds of forms already prepared and included, you just have to choose.
  • Easy to enter data forms, the specified intervals will guide you.
  • Default Technical Requirements Form
  • By the controlled verification, you can always get the right data in the right format.


2. Drag & Drop Form Editor for Beautiful Custom Forms

Whether you want to create simple, more complex or unique forms, with the qmsWrapper Form Editor you can create beautiful custom forms with a simple drag & drop. When designing the Form Editor, one of the first aspects we were sure about was that it has to be super easy to use. Literally, there is no easier method to build a form than to “grab” any of the given elements and drag it to your custom form sheet.

3. Forms – Roles -Projects all Connected

Defined Role privileges control the Form editing. This helps avoid forms created by users that are not qualified and make sure only adequate persons have access to build/modify.

Forms connect to the qmsWrapper eco-system through the projects they have been created/used in. After a form gets approved through a company-specific approval workflow, it has an “approved” tag, from than any user can reach and use it. Forms can be attached to any issue or task in order to capture data as input.


4. Version Tracking

Every function in qmsWrapper has a purpose to lead users towards compliance. The theory ensures that every act should be traceable, in practice ensures continuity of measurement capability.

Keep track on form versions:

  • Approval history
  • Approved version
  • Version history
  • Current version
  • Draft Version


5. Variety of Field Types

Personalize and create multipurpose forms using a wide variety of field types that provide greater design flexibility. The qmsWrapper Form Builder allows you to create a variety of field types or use predefined elements/values to add prospect:


Field types supported:

  • Basic Components (text field, text area, number, checkbox…)
  • List Components (user list, version list, priority list)
  • Special Components (email, phone, address, attachment button…)
  • Advanced Layout Components (described below under 6th)


Predefined fields included:

  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Dropdowns
  • Multi-select option


6. Advanced Options for Sensible Designing

For the advanced users, we spiced it up with unique options to be able to personalize even the smallest details. By using default specific codes- HTML Element components, You can, for example, create bold or italic text, import images, define an abbreviation or an acronym, change the text color, format text paragraph…and many more other options are available for custom layout design.


7. Export Collected Records:

Lastly, all the forms (both default and created) are exportable, printable with different hiding-viewing options (depending on the approved version) to preserve the privacy of sensible data.

  • Collect and maintain records in a nicely formatted and easy to read manner
  • Convert to downloadable and printable PDF
  • Chose the layout that suits you best
  • Option to preserve the privacy of sensitive data


We really appreciate all the feature requests and feedbacks we’re getting from our current users. We’re always excited to bring to life all the handy and smart ideas You’re sharing with us.
msWrapper is proud of its continuous product improvements and feature innovations. We continue to invite you to keep sending us Your suggestions and we will continue to improve together.

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