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qmsWrapper is always looking to introduce an innovative approach to tackle the challenges of quality in modern business. Management that puts quality in every aspect is smart management that effectively avoids an additional layer of bureaucracy to the daily work.

When it comes to recording any event in the qmsWrapper, it's important to understand that its fundamental core is in its integrated approach to QMS.

Projects, tasks, documents, events, calendars - they all integrate into one QM system, not separately but interactively, collaboratively.


Let us explain this:

So, the software functions by organizing the work according to the project. Each event can be seen as a project. As soon as you determine what your project is and potential sub-projects are, and how they connect logically, the structure will be built according to your needs.

To get an even clearer picture, you can consider events or projects as modules. This core function enables you to create any QMS module (Training, CAPA, Supplier Management, etc.) that you need.


Let's talk about a specific event – CAPA. If you want to have a CAPA register in qmsWrapper, create a module (project) for this event. Find out how to create a module (project) here.

Being organized in this way means qmsWrapper can be used beyond QMS implementation

Let’s clarify this using another example and say you’re a medical device company that requires you to set IT security measures for your device based on cybersecurity guidelines. It's not a problem, because you can easily create a module to identify key matters about this topic.




During your beginning phases of implementation, your eQMS should have a basic component – CAPA, training, etc. But as your business grows, it should expand accordingly to cover all your testing and other procedures to successfully streamline your product submission.

This means qmsWrapper can accommodate your current needs and offer an expanded set of features as your needs develop. And it's so simple – to create a new module!

qmsWrappers value lies in its flexibility and scalability to any company and can adapt to any quality opportunity.