Most of the startups and small companies have a problem with organizing folders, especially if they are still using a paper-based QMS. Where is this file? Is it under review? Is this draft version? Is it approved? The need to check it and review it, then approve can take time and mistakes can be weird – saying something that should not be said at this time or is inaccurate.  

With the qmsWrapper, you are not going to be wasting time. You don’t need to create folders named “Draft”, “Review” or “Final” and move your file all the time from folder to folder. The software will track your document through the review than through the approval process, so you can easily identify the status of your file. If your approved file needs to be changed, simply upload the new revision and repeat the approval process.

The Revision History will save all versions and revisions, and if you really need it, access to them.

Don’t be a confused pigeon, let qmsWrapper, organize, review, and approve your documents.

Cup of Joe: How to organize your folders

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