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A successful audit relies on communication. So, the preparation of employees in order to know exactly how to interact with the auditors when they arrive is one of the most important steps. This means Meeting! If the staff members are able to work collaboratively with the auditors, the audit will be conducted more efficiently, and your staff can return to business as usual. And, of course, the audit will wind up sooner!

Preparation for an audit

Most importantly, let everyone know the scope of the audit, what auditors be checking in their areas and when they will be audited.

Refresh the quality policy and make sure everyone comprehends it. Employees should know what the organization’s quality objectives are and how they themselves contribute to accomplishing them. Ensure that everyone has been correctly trained to complete their tasks. Make sure everyone knows where to find procedures, work instructions and forms relevant to perform and record correctly a specific activity/process.

No worries when you have eQMS

Using an eQMS will ensure employees access to all information they need easier and to be sure that they accessing to the right info.

One of the most important advantages of the eQMS is that it creates guidelines for tasks undertaken daily, and enhances productivity. Any organization with an excellent electronic quality management system put in place will run more efficiently. Also, a good eQMS allows specific roles to be assigned to each staff member, thereby making the staff more assured and improving their morale.

If it is created as a quality workflow process-based system, your team should not guess what to do next, everything should be defined to them and there is no worry about errors, forgotten paperwork or reports.

Now imagine how it would be easy to prepare your employees… Audit – no worries!


Cup of Joe: prepare employees for audit

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This made me so laugh. We had a similar situation during the audit. :-) Now is funny, but then it wasn't at all. At least my colleagues aren't so sassy and wehn we mention that we'll have the training, no one is complaining.