It's one thing to become ISO certified, but maintaining the certification is another thing with all the updates and new records.

Besides following the processes and procedures that were set, it's also required to improve processes and all recorded as evidence. That means keeping up with your documentation, updating procedures when the processes change, modify work instructions when needed, filling out review forms and training records, and much more ...

Are your documents valid?

To keep your files updated and valid, your Document Management System should support it with detailed file histories, tracking, source tagging, comments, authority and version control. Version control is a mechanism that tracks continuity of draft documents which are culminating in the final version.

A good Document Management Software is here to register and stock all the revisions and versions worked on.

Containing option for approval of sent files with clearly stated who approved the document, when and which version is very important for Auditors validation.

The good Documentation Management System allows higher team productivity improvement. Reasonably it's simpler to look for needed information from your computer then digging through filing cabinets.

A good DMS is designed to work for you, to be convenient and reliable and help you with whatever kind of project the team is working on.

It's designed to improve decision making and cut the amount of time looking for needed information. It's made to make you comfortable and confident with upcoming audits.

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