Last week qmsWrapper announced the greatest upgrade of the year. New updates are Integration with Jira Software, updated Risk Module, and Process Engine and, best for the last - upgraded Traceability Matrix!

Joe will introduce you to the first one of the super upgraded Traceability Matrix.

Traceability Matrix with an issue

Working in TM in the past had a lot of great features and our developer team pleased us with how they make it work and how they carried out all our requirements together. (Teamwork is a miracle). The results were magnificent and our customers loved that Module the most.

There was just one flaw that bothered us – it was not possible to use the Traceability Matrix at the same time on the same project with your team members. A new obstacle to work on.

Additional quality of qmsWrapper’s Traceability Matrix

Imagine how frustrating it can be when you have your part to do in the Traceability Matrix but you are not able because someone else is working on it. So, we agreed that we need improvement and our developers had busy days once again.

Multiuser Traceability Matrix

Medical device manufacturer will enjoy in this Multiuser TM that brings a valuable couple of benefits:

  • It does save time.
  • It does help you work faster.
  • It’s more effective.

If you would like to read about other features click here

If you are interested in trying out these new features, click here

Cup of Joe: Traceability Matrix

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This functionality is not important. I would rather say that the biggest updated feature (for now) is the New Risk Module. Where can I find more information about that?
Dear Forrest,
thank you for your comment.
You can reserve Free Live Demo and find out from our expert:
Or you can download our whitepaper with more details:
Multiuser is nothing new. You should put this function at the beginning. What is the point of the traceability matrix if 2 employees can't work at the same time??????? wtf!?!?
To Will: hi mate! what for such anger? I am not sure if you have read the whole article, but I am sure I read somewhere "on the same project - same time". I have no intention to start a discussion, but from reliable sources, I can say that not every QMS software has that function.
I just want to say that we have some other software and my colleague and I can't work at the same time. That is why I am looking for some other software. Now we are paying a lot of money and nothing is working right! I checked on Capterra and features suit to us. And a recommendation from my daughter-in-law, Emma.