We're thrilled to announce the latest release of qmsWrapper, packed with new features and improvements. In this release, we've focused on three key areas that are essential for your work: Forms, Risk, Streamlined Processes, and much more. 

Let's delve into the exciting updates:


All about Meetings!


Meetings play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and accurate documentation is paramount. With the new Meeting module, keeping track of all your meetings has never been easier. Simply access it through the Quick Access Buttons (3 dots) and find all scheduled and completed meetings at your fingertips. Utilize the powerful filtering capabilities to generate customized lists tailored to meet auditor requirements effortlessly. Plus, with seamless integration, decisions made during meetings can now initiate relevant processes instantly, ensuring a cohesive approach to quality management.


Quick Start a Form, a Task, a Process!

ShortcutWe understand the importance of efficiency in your day-to-day operations. That's why we've introduced three additional "quick buttons" to the Quick Access Buttons menu. Whether you need to create a task, fill out a form, or kickstart a process, you can now accomplish these tasks in just two clicks. It's all about minimizing clicks and maximizing productivity for a smoother workflow.


World of Forms!


Forms are a cornerstone of effective data collection and reporting within qmsWrapper, and in this release, we've taken them to the next level. Forms now have a new section on the Dashboard, listing all filled forms. Users can initiate a risk assessment, or a process, based on a filled form. This centralized hub makes accessing critical information easier than ever.

This means that if, for instance, you've filled out a "Material status" form and determined that new material purchases are necessary, adhering to regulatory standards for proper documentation, you can effortlessly trigger the corresponding "Purchasing" process based on the that specific filled form.

As the QMS manager oversees the process, they'll have clear visibility that it originated from a particular form entry.

Moreover, for those seeking further customization, it's worth noting that forms can seamlessly integrate (inherit) at any stage of the process.


Introducing Risk Creation

RiskqmsWrapper now enables you to create risk directly from filled forms. For instance, fill out a Nonconformity form and initiate a risk assessment based on the form, sending it for approval, etc. Another example is initiating a hazard log and proceeding with a risk assessment; based on the assessment, start a CAPA process. All links are easily tracked and listed in the history details. 
This seamless integration ensures prompt identification and mitigation of potential risks, enhancing safety and compliance in your medical device operations. Experience the efficiency of this innovative addition as it elevates your QMS experience with qmsWrapper.


Updated QMS module

Quality ManagementUsers now have access to a comprehensive overview of all processes, with multiple filters available to sort by different projects, QMS-related and non-QMS-related processes, etc. This feature enables users to identify, analyze, and optimize processes across various departments or functions, thereby fostering streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. We've also introduced functionality that enables users to track the usage of specific process templates, allowing them to easily ascertain how many times a particular process template has been utilized and access a detailed list of the instances where it has been employed. This invaluable capability empowers organizations to assess the effectiveness of their process templates, identify areas for refinement, and drive optimization initiatives effectively.


With these latest enhancements, qmsWrapper continues to empower medical device companies to maintain the highest standards of quality management while driving operational excellence. 

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