We are excited to share that qmsWrapper earned five G2 badges for the winter. People have spoken, and qmsWrapper has been recognized in a number of categories thanks to their encouraging comments. Discover the main factors contributing to qmsWrapper's success, read user reviews, and discover which features users prefer best.

Badges G2 - qmsWrapper-winter 2024

Category: Medical QMS "High Performer Europe"
Category: Quality Management "High Performer Europe"
Category: Quality Management "EMEA High Performer"
Category: Quality Management "High Performer"
Category: Quality Management "High Performer Small Business"


User Reviews

qmsWrapper has won awards on G2 in a number of areas, reflecting the satisfaction and positive experiences of its users. Some benefits they pointed out:

“All functionalities related to Storage modules are precisely developed. Starting with document management (especially if you install the WrapperApp), approvals, tracking, auditing, etc. (…)” - Erzebet H.

“(…) The integration between the modules is highly useful and functions seamlessly. Currently, our company conducts remote meetings, with every detail recorded in the software (project).” - Benu Y.

“(…) I find the most useful tools in the software are the Form editor and the process engine, because they are perfect for creating templates that are crucial in automation, and also reduce errors. (…)” - Toni B.

“(…) What I would point out is that the software is comprehensive, their development team has thought of every detail and functionality, and the price of the software is affordable even for small companies.” - Mehmet Y.


Let's examine a few of the most significant characteristics and advantages that consumers have found useful in the past:

  • Extensive Storage Modules: The precision and comprehensiveness of qmsWrapper's storage modules make them exceptional. Strong features for tracking, audits, approvals, and document management are advantageous to users.
  • Smooth Module Integration: The utility and smooth functionality of qmsWrapper's module integration are highly acclaimed. The software's capability to record in-depth remote meetings is one way that qmsWrapper specifically demonstrates its dedication to promoting remote and collaborative work settings. Create a meeting in Project module, start and hold in Conversation module, record and save Meeting minutes in Document module.
  • WrapperApp Improvements: By installing the WrapperApp, users can further improve their experience. With this upgrade, qmsWrapper's document management system can do even more, giving users a more effective and user-friendly option.


Visit the following pages for a detailed rundown of qmsWrapper's features and advantages:

eQMS for Medical device companies: https://www.qmswrapper.com/eqms_for_MedDev

eQMS ISO 9001: https://www.qmswrapper.com/eqms-iso-9001 


qmsWrapper's recognition on G2 with five winter badges is a testament to its commitment to providing top-notch quality management solutions. User testimonials highlight the precision of the Storage modules, seamless module integration, and the additional benefits of the WrapperApp. As qmsWrapper continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of its users, these G2 badges serve as a reflection of the positive impact the software has had on organizations across Europe and the EMEA region.


If you want to explore qmsWrapper better, sign up for a demo on the following page: https://store.qmswrapper.com/ 

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