Our dedication at qmsWrapper to developing better software is unshakable. We appreciate customer input and work to make our quality management software more functional. We are pleased to announce the release of two significant upgrades that will improve user roles within qmsWrapper and significantly streamline document approval information access.


Introducing QR Code for Approved Documents:

The adding of QR codes to officially approved documents is one of the key improvements of qmsWrapper. With this new function, users may quickly and easily access thorough information on a document by scanning its QR code. What you need to know about this feature is as follows:

  1. Improved Download Functionality:

We have increased the download choices in the Storage module to handle the addition of QR codes. We now provide two unique "Download" functions rather than just one:
To "Download for edit": Users can, like before, utilize this function to download a document's most recent revision.
"Download approved" will download the latest approved version. Even if a newer revision is awaiting approval, users can use the "Download approved" button to obtain the most recent approved version of a document. The document that was downloaded also contains the QR code for approval (QR code can be added to any .doc, .docx, or .odt file).

  1. Previewing Documents:

Rather than loading the most recent revision when previewing an approved document, qmsWrapper now loads the most recent approved version.

  1. QR Code Integration:

qmsWrapper automatically inserts a QR code at the end of a doc, docx, or odt file after it has been approved. An easy link to a PDF Approval Report is provided by this QR code. Managers or Auditors can now quickly obtain the approval information, including the document's status.

  1. Statuses of the Approval Report:

The Approval Report (scanned QR code of the approved document) can have one of the following three statuses:

Approved Version: This status indicates that the scanned version is the latest approved version.
Deprecated Version: The scanned version is not the latest approved version; a newer approved version is available.
Expired Version: This status indicates that the scanned version was previously approved but has since expired.


Streamlined User Roles:

User roles and access have undergone substantial changes in qmsWrapper in order to improve user management and streamline the overall user experience. The following improvements have been made:

  1. Removal of Redundant Project Member Roles:

The roles of "PTO," "Manager," "Developer," and "Reporter" have been removed from qmsWrapper because they are no longer necessary for the system's operation.

  1. Deprecation of Status Workflow:

To improve and simplify project management, the status workflow feature has been deprecated and eliminated from the system.

  1. Enhanced User Settings:

"Administrator" and "Marketplace Admin" are now two separate access categories available in the User Settings section. The "Marketplace Admin" position provides access to the qmsWrapper marketplace. The person who registers the business and the chosen marketplace administrators are now authorized to access qmsWrapper's purchasing page.

  1. Role Consolidation:

The functionality of "Groups" now includes the "Project Manager" role. As a result, to ensure more effective project management, only the Project Owner and Project Managers have access to edit project settings.


We're committed to improving the user experience and delivering more efficient and simpler quality management software, which is why we've included QR code document approval information access and simplified user responsibilities in this update. These new features give users the freedom to easily access and track approved documents while providing a simpler user role structure.

If you want to know more about qmsWrapper, or have an additional question about new functionalities, write to our Help Desk: contact@qmswrapper.com.

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