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A library is an integral part of any community. They provide information and resources.

So why not one in qmsWrapper, more than storage it’s a favorite place to keep important documents that need to be accessed by all. For example, standards, marketing documents, graphics used by all… endless reasons really. It’s the one easy-access place to put what you need to find easily.  


Paperless Library

The library function is a valuable part of cloud storage, without connections to projects or tasks, or QMS. Because that standard document has to be somewhere everybody that needs access to it, can find it – not buried somewhere in some project, you are not part of.

It's an excellent solution for easy access.

qmsWrapper defined the ‘Library’ as a separate set of folders that provides company-wide access for company-related documents, for example, Standards, relevant articles, publications, or non-project specific documents.


Keep informative and valuable documents neat and tidy

Each library can be divided into specific sectors, you can also divide your virtual library into folders for easy reference.

As an administrator, you can edit access rights over a folder or file. Certain rights can be dedicated to a single user or group of users. You can choose whether to assign the right to Read, Edit or Delete file to other users/groups. By this, you have full authority control.

For Example, You found a whitepaper that might be useful to colleagues in your department. You save it and upload it in a relevant folder in the Library, not permitting anyone to delete it.

For the ones whom QMS implementation is not an ongoing project, it’s a perfect place to keep already prepared QMS related files such as SOPs, quality manual, etc.

For example, all procedures related to your QMS can be organized and stored in a folder and subfolders. Why in the library? Because it’s cloud-based and backed up and you can see who uploaded it, when, including changes and revision.

Yep! Is like document control for storage, but more accessible. It even includes a search button.

Store your key business documents in the library, so all your records are stored and backed up online for easy reference and sharing, besides they are all version-controlled.

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I am guessing that every new employee gets training on how to use the qmsWrapper. But I definitely agree with the usefulness of the library folder.

Hi Collin. Of course, you can get additional training on any feature from our support team. Feel free to contact them: https://www.qmswrapper.com/contact-us