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Every company has as part of its organization set of procedures and processes. The purpose of having procedures is to drive efficiencies towards fewer errors and resulting reworks, which can improve cost saving. Besides that, their purpose is also to make sure they are in compliance with regulations.

The procedure is correct, but are the follow-ups?

But it doesn’t make any better if they are not followed properly. In order to ensure it, employees need to be introduced with procedures, why they are so necessary, as well with importance on applying them.


Following the procedures is not always clear to employees.  It’s essential to be explained to them how to do that. When procedures are followed correctly, then tasks are performed properly and satisfactory customer service is provided. This improves the quality of the company’s products and services as well as the company’s reputation.

How suffocating is paper-based system vs eQMS?

The most common case regarding poorly followed procedures is a paper-based system. From the tracking, monitoring, updating, accessing, locating, and distributing, paper documents are becoming difficult and tedious to follow up. Document control is often the most critical. Documents drive nearly every operation within a company, and having a paper-based system is getting old fashioned and underrated and not reliable.

electronic Quality Management System

Is eQMS really a good decision for your company?

In order to avoid future mistakes, eQMS is taking the leading solution, since it’s much better to document control in the sense that any needed data easily can be retrieved. It saves costs, it saves time, it increases profit level, improves employee morale and efficiency, it helps an organization make an informed decision and gives room for better supervision.



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What a great article, I really enjoy reading this type of articles. They are very educational, more people should know this type of system.
I totally agree with using eQMS to drive you through the procedure. Each step (especially approval) is respected. Nothing is missed. The process drives you through the entire workflow.
Whenever I read articles about procedures and processes, I always want some examples. If you come across my comment please do not ignore it and hopefully write one article through specific examples. If you have any question for clarifications, you have my mail, please contact me. Thank you. Nicole
A very good article. I just want to suggest one more on the same topic: https://imdcr.com/are-your-procedures-and-processes-performed-correctly/