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Why Every Small Business Needs a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

Nobody wants to assume that something bad is going to happen to their business. Typically, small businesses don’t invest in, nor have a data backup and disaster recovery solution/plan in place, because they’re unclear about the true value of such solutions.

With the rise of big data, cloud computing, and BYOD policies in the workplace, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to protect their private data.

Data loss or damage is costly, extremely risky and can affect your brand reputation. Whether at the hands of natural disasters (hurricane, flood, fire, etc.), uncontrollable human error, power surge, technical malfunction or cyber attack, you need a backup plan and the ability to restore your data quickly.

qmsWrapper offers a smart, secure cloud Quality & Project Management System solution to ensure uptime, diminish data loss, and maximize productivity in the midst of an attack, natural disaster, or other compromising situation. Avert a crisis.


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