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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is creating a massive challenge for many businesses. Millions of people are taking refuge from the coronavirus by working at home.

qmsWrapper does not see any issue when it comes to working from home. We are cloud-based QMS software, and it’s made to support continued team connection and business flow. It also supports real-time communications to aid in the remote work.

Time-consuming emails vs. built-in chat

Emailing is good, but it’s not a solution when you need to communicate with your team, including sending files, back and forward. Although email has its place within a business, Email is not a team-building tool.

qmsWrapper thought of that too and created a purpose-built team collaboration app.

You can have 1-on-1 conversations, group conversations and topic-based conversations, where the threads keep discussions on-topics the whole story stays together in a way that’s easy to follow.


Cup of Joe: Messaging from home

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we have a problem with communication between the team and I am looking for some solution now.
How old this Joe? You guys should publish some book based on his stories.