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Massive update of the year is happening and qmsWrapper’s Users will be thrilled to find out what is new in one of the 4 upgrades – Process Engine.

qmsWrapper’s core functionality was transformed from a tasks-based system to an enterprise-grade Processing Engine – to better support and enable your business workflows.

Along with the Process Editor, business and QMS workflows, processes and procedures, are now more effective, flexible and adaptable. It drives the way your company works from the upgraded modules of TM, RA, and Jira, but also to the existing Document Management and Controls, team messaging, approvals, now all driven to support your business processes. Brings all the parts together, connecting the “dots”.

 “I can create effective workflows easily with the new process editor.”

Nick L. Project Manager

Added to Process Editors functionality:

- Form templates made in Form Editor can be attached to any step in the process workflow.

- Processes can be exported from the Traceability Matrix in PDF.

- Processes can be triggered directly from the Traceability Matrix.

- Process categories are now available to create.

- Changes in processes can be marked.

qmsWrapper offers free Live Demo’s, that help demonstrate why so many Meddev companies recognize the value and effectiveness qmsWrapper brings to their medical device dreams.


qmsWrapper Process Engine

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I am on Trial Version right now and I have to say that qmsWrapper has a very good organization of modules. My colleagues are struggling with some things, but when they start using it daily, they will understand it better.
For me, the process editor is very helpful and easy to handle (especially From Template).
Hi Valeria. Can you share any final feedback regards your experience with the software during the trial version?
We are about to book a live demo this week.