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Determining Project Requirements

Project requirements are one of the first things that have to be determined when starting a new project. These requirements determine the whole direction and strategy of the project, they should include requirements from several fields, like customer, regulatory, statutory, etc.  Although this step is necessary, sometimes it might be quite challenging.


The Challenge

Pitfalls can hide behind various mistakes in planning, beginning from the lack of proper employee training that would lead to incompetent management, following with inappropriate milestone determination, or not investigating the matter thoroughly that would lead to wrong conclusion, etc. If relevant requirements are not in place the project may proceed in the wrong direction and would not reach the intended goal.
It is clear that introducing new requirements in a product development stage, that is already close to the final end-stage, would require much more effort and resources than as they would have been implemented in an earlier stage. 


The Solution

The organization should train management team members to be competent in managing their specific departments. It is also necessary to provide the appropriate tools, guidance that can contribute to precise and effective resource planning.
The project planning stage is the first step in establishing a successful project, it requires extra effort and attention, the Management should have enough time to investigate requirements and to plan resources before the implementation begins. If you do it right, you won’t end up with a wrong project in the wrong place.


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