Lecture summary:

  • By implementing ISO 9001 standard you are showing to the world you care about your customers
  • You need to follow a set of requirements to prove your ability to achieve this
  • Do not worry, there are terms and conditions to clarify anything if you do not understand something


If you don’t know anything about the ISO 9001 and you want to learn and actually understand it, you are in the right place. Step by step, requirement per requirement, we will explain it to you.

Implementing this standard is a mature way to show your customers that you care about them, by committing to quality and giving the best quality products.

Did you know some companies don’t work with other ones who have not implemented the standard? By implementing the standard you are building your reputation as a company that shows you can be trusted.

To begin with what standard represents. This standard is made to help companies to satisfy customers by fulfilling requirements along with relevant national and international regulations. What are the requirements here?



So, as we said, you (refers to your company) decide to implement the ISO 9001 standard. In that case, you will be required to, through the use of the methods described here, demonstrate its ability to identify customer requirements, and provide products and services according to these requirements.

In meanwhile, you have to consider the application of relevant applicable regulatory, statutory, or other requirements. In other words, the purposes presented in this clause must be reflected through the QMS of the organization. How? By applying the quality management tools and instruments suggested in the standard, such as setting and defining quality policy, quality objectives, planning processes, and much more.


Normative references

A normative reference lists other ISO or IEC documents or standards that are necessary for the application of the standard. For example, when you are discussing and planning activities related to customer focus and you are not sure what the definition of customer focus is, you may turn to the ISO 9000 Standard and understand how the ISO 9001 Standard interprets the issue of customer focus.


Terms and definitions

Clause 3 of the standard—Terms and Definitions are necessary to clarify matters and disputes regarding the terms and definitions mentioned in the ISO 9001 Standard. The terms and definitions given in ISO 9000:2015 apply to the ISO 9001 Standard. Put differently, when you stumble upon a term in the ISO 9001 Standard that is unfamiliar to you, you cannot interpret it correctly or you have a dispute with another on the meaning, you may turn to the ISO 9000 Standard and resolve the conflict.







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