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Lecture summary:

  • The ISO 9001 Standard requires the initiation of communication with the customer relating to products and services
  • Must be ensured that requirements are defined so your organization can meet claims for the products and services it offers.
  • You need to include a requirements review that arises from any relevant interested party.


Customer communication

Communication with the customer is one of the most important activities in organizations. It’s on you to develop the method for communicating with the customers. But be aware, whatever you choose, stick to it, because during the audit you will be required to prove that. It does not have to be documented, however; it has to be defined. ISO 9001 standards expect you to prove that there are processes that maintain communication with the customer.

The ISO 9001 Standard takes customer complaints very seriously.


Determining the requirements for products and services

This chapter is the point to determine exactly what your product's specifications are, and to evaluate them later. Here is important for you to ensure that all the requirements are clear, documented, and distributed to the appropriate people in the company. Certainly to those who are taking part in the realization of the product and the service supply.


Review of requirements for products and services

In this part, it’s crucial to examine the operational conditions that might influence the ability of the organization to provide a product according to the requirements specified by the customer and determined by your organization. ISO 9001 standard actually requires a few cases to be reviewed, such as product requirements, delivery, and post-delivery activities, regulatory or statutory requirements, etc.
These requirements aim to provide internal approval that your organization can realize and supply the product according to the requirements and expectations of the customer.

The review of all these requirements related to the product or service takes place during the period of the interaction between the customer and your organization.

Differences between you and the customer are the reliance that the customer wants a specific product or service but you are not able to provide it exactly as the customer expresses and expects.


Changes to requirements for products and services

The ISO 9001 Standard requirements take into account when changes of customer requirements occur, or the relevant documented information will be updated, or the changes will be distributed and communicated to the relevant personnel.
Your organization must manage and control changes in customer requirements. The ISO 9001 Standard is aware that customers may change their minds and demands. This is why manufacturers and service providers must maintain control over the updating and validity of the requirements.

As explained, there are plenty of specific requirements and regulations that go into producing quality products and services within a business. With the help of QMS, the process of efficiently catering to the customer base is easier than ever and can be achieved with little to no mistakes along the way.







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